Covid-19 Re-entry Plan

In response to the COVID-19, Mt. Pilgrim has developed a Re-entry Task Force team. This team is working closely with the Pastor on a re-entry plan for the safety and well-being of its members. The re-entry date is still TBD, due to the number of increased cases in our community.

  • Edward Ambrose
  • Anthony Baldwin
  • Karen Bonner
  • Virginia Dickerson
  • H. W. Fails
  • Willie Ferguson
  • Etherine Glover
  • Robert Greyer
  • Cleophus Hope
  • Osie Huling
  • Gloria Lewis
  • Brandon Long
  • Daniel Mitchell
  • Marvin Parkman
  • Vernie Scott

Health & Wellness

March 7, 2021 - Sunday School Lesson

“Following True Leaders

Deuteronomy 18:15-22


Upcoming Church Services

All of our church services, meetings and activities have been cancelled until further notice. You can still live stream Sunday, 11:00 AM Service and Wednesday, 6:00 PM Bible Study through our Facebook page, Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church  or this website. Also, remember that you have an online option to give through our giving app linked to this page or through our Cash app at $mpbc4400. Please take care of yourself and your families during this Covid-19 Pandemic.

Thank you

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Happy Birthday March!

  • Cora Davis – 1st
  • Mary Hall – 2nd
  • Mary Buckner – 3rd
  • Rosie Talley – 3rd
  • Freda Williams – 3rd
  • Evangeline Powell – 4th
  • Ki’ya Herring – 5th
  • Larisa Price – 5th
  • Chantavia Collins – 7th
  • Jasmine Stephens – 8th
  • Clariesa Thomas – 8th
  • Lavontae Bunkley – 9th
  • Ashley Poindexter – 13th
  • Lisa Baldwin – 14th
  • Kahniah Fails – 15th
  • Lamauri Gunn Eason – 16th
  • Beatrice Stallion – 16th
  • Carolyn Wilson – 17t
  • Jacobe Stewart – 18th
  •  Kristian Herring  – 19th
  • James Warren – 19th
  • Daniel Williams – 19th
  • Vera Hope – 21st
  • Zakhia Hill – 22nd
  • Tammy Barcus – 25th
  • Maurice Kelley – 25th
  • Theodore Emziah – 26th
  • Wendy Phillips – 26th
  • Will Smith III – 26th
  • Betty Fanning – 27th
  • Mi’ana Grant – 27th
  • Joe King – 27th
  • Robin Melton – 27th
  • Issac Avery – 28th
  • Alexis Watson – 28th
  • Gary Lakes – 29th
  • Mary Dixion – 31st
  • Ann Porter – 31st


Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church recognizes…


Welcome to Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church

"The church that Cares and Shares"


Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church broadcast live to the local community and to the nations of the world!  Please tune in and stream our weekly services.


We believe there is power in agreement when presenting our requests to our Heavenly Father, and we count it a privilege to join our faith with yours for whatever needs you may have!

Calendar of Events

View an up-to-date calendar of services and events at Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church.  Find out where we are located, as well as information regarding local hotels and accommodations,  We would love to have you visit!

Greetings from our Pastor


Welcome to the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church of Columbus, GA.  We are excited you have located us and find interest in the church of Christ as a whole.  We have a saying here, “If you are looking for Jesus, you can find Him at Mount Pilgrim”. We pray this site is motivating and resourceful to you.  Please take the liberty of perusing through the various information and links available to use at your discretion.  We are a church family striving for excellence and unity in the body of Christ.

For over 131 years, we have welcomed people to join us just as they are; just where they are. We truly believe in Hebrews 10:25, “Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.”

In closing, we pray our paths will cross and if your quest is to establish or continue a foundation amongst a group of born again baptized believers in Jesus Christ, Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church will be your choice.

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