Our Mission

Ministries of MPBC Inc.



This ministry consists of the Chairman of Trustees and Members responsible for managing and maintaining the assets of the church. These responsibilities include dissolution, purchasing or selling of properties/assets and all legalities in relation to the operation of MPBC Inc.


This ministry consists of the Chairman of Finance, Church Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Assistant Financial Secretary, Administrative Secretary and Cashiers responsible for managing, recording and reporting all financial activity and account balances of MPBC Inc. This responsibility also includes budget accounting and managing ministry acquisition requests.


This ministry is responsible for analyzation and preparation of proposed annual operational budgets for approval and implementation. It consists of the Budget Chaiirman and Committee.


This ministry consists of licensed and ordained ministers assigned to assist the Senior Pastor with pastoral care, ceremonial observances, worship and educational programs inclusive with other duties as assigned. These assignments also encompass spiritual guidance and support to the various ministries of MPBC Inc.


This ministry is recognized as one of the biblical offices of the church. It consists of the Senior Pastor, Chairman of Deacons, ordained and DIT (Deacons in Training) equipped and prepared to assist the Senior Pastor with church administration and care of the members’ physical and spiritual welfare. This ministry is also assigned to assist the senior pastor with the service of baptism and commemoration of the Lord’s Supper.


Ministers’ Wives and Widows

This ministry is a circle of wives and widows of ministers connected to MPBC Inc. It is designed to assist the efforts of the Ministers Ministry and take on projects focused on providing care and assistance to the members of MPBC Inc. and community as a whole for spiritual enrichment.

Deacons’ Wives and Deaconess

This ministry is also mentioned in scripture to reflect the wives of those that serve in the office of deacon. This ministry consists of the Senior Pastor’s wife inclusive with wives and widows of deacons ordained to serve MPBC Inc. The purpose of this ministry is to assist the Deacon Ministry with responsibilities to the Senior Pastor and church as a whole. This ministry is also assigned to the setup of ceremonial resources, care of participants and assistance with baptism and commemoration of the Lord’s Supper.

Christian Education

This ministry is designed to incorporate and manage all areas of Christian learning to the constituents of MPBC Inc. and others interested  in spiritual enrichment. It consists of the Senior Pastor/Instructor of Biblical Studies, CE Director, Superintendent of Sunday School, BTU President, VBS Coordinator, New Members Orientation Presenters and Corresponding instructors. The goal of this ministry is to meet the spiritual educational needs of all at every age and level of spirituality; and foster spiritual growth.

Music and Arts

This ministry is designed to enhance the spiritual environment of worship and prepare the audience in attendance, online or via social media to receive the spoken word of God. Within this ministry are various choirs and mime presentations strategically placed to minister at every level of spirituality, demographics and ages. This ministry consists of the Minister of Music, Directors, Musicians, Presidents and Mime Choreograph Instructors.


This ministry is designed to assist the efforts of Missions ministry inclusive with internal and external services focused on enriching the lives of people as whole. Services include visitations to the homes of the elderly, families of the deceased, medical, nursing and critical care facilities for assistance and moral support. Services also include providing care packages and school supplies needed for students attending elementary, intermediate and high schools. This includes but not limited to the awarding of scholarships for students enrolled in accredited institutions of higher learning


This ministry is designed for serving those in attendance with greetings, consoling, direction and applicable supplies needed for worship participation. Additional responsibilities include entrance door monitoring and providing assistance with facilitating order in service. This ministry consists of various teams having Presidents, Team Leads and Members.

Health and Wellness

This ministry is designed for serving MPBC Inc. with professional assistance to cases requiring medical attention and assessment. Service also includes providing emphasis and information on matters pertaining to hygiene, health awareness and medical coverage for seniors.  Additional responsibilities include networking with community/state medical professionals, facilities and other public service agencies for purposes of educating and serving as liaisons to those in need. This ministry consists of the President, Assistant President, Team Advisors and members of the medical profession.


This ministry is designed to foster relationships amongst the males and members abroad that make up the body of MPBC Inc. Relationship development comes through aiding those in need, implementing projects focused on assisting with the upkeep of MPBC’s assets and providing educational emphasis on life skills to the young males and youth abroad within the church and community. This ministry consists of the President and the entire body of men that make up MPBC Inc.

Courtesy Guild

This ministry is designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere to those in attendance during the services of MPBC Inc. Additional responsibilities include management and operation of the nursery, serving as greeters to those entering the building for services, acknowledgement of visitors and providing hospitality to guests. This ministry consists of the President and members.


This ministry is designed to provide internal and external services to those that have physical and spiritual needs. The focus of this ministry is to provide an atmosphere for sharing God’s word particularly to the lost, by ministering to the needs of those that are physically/spiritually depraved and hindered by the circumstances of life. The Goal is to reach souls for Jesus. This ministry consists of the Mission President, Assigned Minister and Members of the ministry.

Youth Ministry

This ministry is designed for youth development and growth in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are various activities and programs used to accomplish this goal such as meetings, youth nights, youth Sunday involvement in worship, Sunday School, Bible Study, BTU and educational trips offsite. It is also an avenue to assist in the parenting of youth through providing knowledge of things pertaining to life skills, personal hygiene, conflict resolution, peer pressure, effective decision making, respect and academic tutoring. In addition, this ministry partners with other ministries to provide opportunity for assistance interchangeably on the quest to accomplish each ministry’s overall goals and objectives. This ministry consists of a Director, Youth President and other officers, Youth Workers, Youth Minister and others within MPBC Inc. that are concerned about raising a generation for the future of the Lord’s church.

Children’s Church Ministry

J.A.M (Jesus and ME) This ministry is designed to offer an alternative for worship in an atmosphere that will empower and cultivate the youth spiritually. This goal is accomplished by ministering to everyday struggles, while making the Word of God the focal point of emphasis. This ministry operates within the organizational structure of the Youth Ministry and works in collaboration with youth leaders. This ministry consists of a President, Vice President, Instructors and others serving various roles to ensure the success of the ministry. 

Historical Archives Ministry

This ministry is designed to preserve the rich history of MPBC Inc. through data capturing, photo presentations, filing, displays and other methods of preservation. This ministry consists of a Church Historian, Assistants and Ministry Leaders.