Our Church



The history of the Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church, Inc. is a chronicle of struggle, sacrifice, humanitarian services, undying commitment, and unyielding faithfulness. According to church records or annals, in 1884 the church was established under the pastorate of Reverend Sparks. Deacons were George Buckner and George Greenleaf. Reverend Sparks was succeeded by Reverend J.J. Jones in 1912. Members of the Deacon Board were Leon Herndon and C.E. Baker.

After the death of Reverend J.J. Jones, the membership sought the service of Reverend W.C. Chinn in 1926. In 1933 Primus Stafford, Pleas Pough, Oscar Dunham, and Charlie Clayton were ordained as deacons. Deacon Acie Sanders and John Barnes were added to the board several years later.

After twenty-five (25) years of service, Reverend Chinn felt that his age would not permit him to serve as he desired. Therefore, the church retired him in 1950, and Reverend G. W. Mitchell became our leader and served until the year of 1951.

Reverend James Calvin Harris, Sr., formerly of Albany, Georgia, succeeded Reverend G. W. Mitchell in November, 1951. A new church became the aim of the membership in 1953. In spite of many obstacles, our dream became a reality with the help of God and our newfound competent leader Reverend James Calvin Harris, Sr. Throughout the years, Reverend James Calvin Harris, Sr., and members of Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church have been synonymous with service. We have contributed our services down through the years. Reaching out to the surrounding community is a Mount Pilgrim tradition and has been demonstrated in many ways.

On April 28, 2015, after providing sixty-four (64) years of unwavering, dedicated and faithful Christian service, Reverend James Calvin Harris, Sr. retired as the pastor of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church and was bestowed the honor of Pastor Emeritus.

Reverend James Lewis served as Interim Pastor of Mount Pilgrim from May 2015 until November 2015.

In November 2015, after thoughtful prayer and consideration and guided by the Holy Spirit, the members of Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church elected Reverend David Stallion, Sr. as the Pastor, succeeding Reverend James Calvin Harris, Sr., who provided leadership and pastoral oversight from 1951 to 2015. On Sunday, December 20, 2015, Reverend Stallion delivered his first sermon at Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church entitled, “Who Is He?” Members of the Deacons Ministry serving at the time of Reverend Stallion’s election as Pastor are as follows: Gene Whitlow, Chairman; H. W. Fails, Jr.,Vice Chairman; Daniel Williams, Benzell Long; Robert Greyer, Daniel Mitchell, James D. Talley, Walter J. Harris, Walter Harris, Cleophus Hope, Sr., Robert F. Kelley, James Sellers, and Lincoln D. Shipp.

Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church, will not be content to look upon her past blessings, but will challenge the future and look to the Lord for guidance and always give God the glory. Despite the challenges and changes that face the church, as a congregation, we must continue to be about the work of the Lord. The birth and growth of the church will continue as long as we have the day of Pentecost of the church. “And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.” (Acts 2:1)

Mount Pilgrim has a past that is powerfully rooted in God and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We have a strong and proud past to honor and an optimistic and bright future to mold. To God we give the glory for enabling us to do His will as “A CHURCH THAT CARES AND SHARES.